• Grand Bay Baptist Church (map)
  • 77 Woolastook Drive
  • Grand Bay-Westfield, NB, E5K 1S3
  • Canada

9:15 AM - Adult Bible Study - A 4 week DVD study by Andy Stanley - "Why in the World"...

Why would God leave the comfort and recognition of heaven to live on this ball of dirt in a time before morphine and indoor plumbing when the best of conditions barely paralleled the worst of modern day conditions? Why? 

We think we know why He died. But what compelled him to live as one of us?

Join us ------  Fellowship Hall , Sunday @ 9:15 am


10:30 am Join us for our Children's Ministry - Treasured ConneXions (K to Grade 8) and Morning Worship.  We will continue our sermon series on "Outside the Box".


7:00 pm - Prayer for our church