Grand Bay Baptist Church is part of a large family of churches, within the Christian Church, known as Baptist.  Like other followers of Jesus Christ we have some basic beliefs:

  • We believe in one God who reveals Himself as Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that human beings do things that are wrong and do not live the way God intended.  These attitudes and actions are the result of sin in our lives.
  • We believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead to save us from our sins.
  • We believe that each person needs a personal relationship with God, through Jesus, in order to be saved.
  • We believe that it is by God’s grace that we are saved.  We do not earn our salvation through good works.
  • We believe that one day the Lord Jesus will return.

Through the years, Baptists have held to certain core values that make us distinct from other Christian groups.  These distinctives are: 

The Lordship of Jesus Christ. Baptists believe that Jesus is Lord of the church and the individual believers.

The Authority of the Bible. Baptists believe the Scriptures are inspired by God.  The Bible is the final authority in matters of faith (what we believe) and practice (how we behave).  We also believe that all persons have the privilege and responsibility to read the Scriptures for themselves.

The Priesthood of the Believers. The Bible affirms the value of each person, created in the image of God, and so Baptists believe that each person has the right and competency to deal directly with God through Jesus Christ.  In this way, each person, by faith, becomes her/his own priest before God.   In addition, each believer has spiritual gifts to exercise in ministry for the health of the local church and for the kingdom of God.

An extension of this principle means that Baptists stand for religious liberty, believing that no group has the right to coerce others to believe or worship as they do.

Believer’s Baptism by Immersion. The Lord Jesus commands those who believe in Him to be baptized.  Immersion in water is the Biblical pattern.  It is a way for a believer to publicly declare personal faith in Jesus and to identify with His death, burial and resurrection.

A Believer’s Church. Baptists believe that the Lord Jesus forms His church by bringing together believers for the purpose of worship, witness, ministry and fellowship.

Local Church Autonomy. Baptists believe that the local church is governed by the principles of the priesthood of believers, the Lordship of Christ, the authority of the Bible, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  The presence of Jesus Christ in the lives of the church members leads them together to discover and obey the mind and will of Christ.  At the same time Baptists have worked together with other churches of like faith for ministry and mission.  In addition, Baptists believe that churches are to be free from State control and that citizens are to be free to worship as their conscience dictates.